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16th August 2017

25th August 2017

30th August 2017

12th International Conference

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Over the past decade or even just the last five years, managers have worked in an almost constant state of change. We have witnessed the continued march of globalization and rapid pace of technological development. Virtual teams made up of globally dispersed members now communicate in real time via multiple channels, sharing data, information and ideas via the cloud. Major social and demographic changes have been taking place with the Baby Boomers starting to relinquish power to the Millennials, the oldest of which are now in their 30s.


Set against this backdrop, we wanted to find out what managers will need to know, do and be, if they are to be successful in five to ten years’ time. What challenges will they face and what should be their priorities?


Organizations and individual managers at all levels must take notice of these future trends and explicitly acknowledge how the world will have profoundly changed by the time we reach 2022. They should consider carefully how they can improve both their agility and their mastery of the basics of good leadership and management to ensure they are equipped to face the challenges ahead.


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