IFIM Business School

Institutions Programs Affiliation / Approved by Mode of Study Year Duration Application Status
PGDM AICTE Full-time 2020 2 Years
PGDM Data Science AICTE Full-time 2020 2 Years
IFIM Business School PGDM (Working Professionals) AICTE Weekend Classes 2020 2 Years
PGDM International Business AICTE Full-time 2020 2 Years
Ph. D. VTU External
BBA VBU Full-time 2020 3 years

IFIM Business School looks for candidates with intellectual curiosity coupled with a desire to stretch in a rigorous academic program as well as personal qualities to contribute in many activities of the institution. The potential to succeed as a leader in a competitive and global business environment is also central to its admissions criteria. IFIM welcomes applicants regardless of religion, gender or financial status with an aim to build an exciting, dynamic and diverse student community.


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